MODELING - More than a Hobby

Modeling and model profession is just as colorful as our world we live in.
It changes dynamically so that it can fit the requirements.

We live in a consumer society, where there fight among manufacturers and dealers to win customers.
Where does one take a model? Where not is rather the right question. Models have a very important
role in popularizing and marketing processes.

Product and services can be shown only by genuine people, so today there is a great need
for many type of models. Besides style and image, we’ll have to understand
the language of the target and know what are its needs, wishes, aims.

Today model work is much more complex than ever before:
Model profession has new performers:
Fashion model, XXL model, fitness model, lifestyle model, sport model, classic model, part model, beauty model, commercial model, trade show model, event model, promotional model.

   Model Types and Categories

Fashion show model, runway model ( dream of models )
Catwalk model works in the most elegant world of fashion, wearing creations of world famous
designers, so they live in the elite of highest fashion, business and art.
To enter this field is quite hard of course.
This is art. Proper walking and movements are necessary. You'll have to live the image
and the collection because it represents a lifestyle. This is a very hard and exhausting model
work, which requires great technical and professional knowledge, but it comes along with shining
and great salary, and media (TV, magazine, commercial, etc.)

Prestigious shows are traditionally take place in the fashion capitals of the world
(Milan, London, Paris, New York, Tokyo).
Schedule of fashion shows:  autumn-winter collection in March,
                                             spring-summer collection in October.
Apart from these fashion shows there is a fashion week in almost every country.
Europe: Madrid, Barcelona, Lisbon, Amsterdam, Berlin, Wien, Prague, Budapest, Riga,
Moscow, Beograd, Zagreb, Sarajevo.
USA, Canada, Mexico, Brazil: Los Angeles, San Francisco, Miami, Washington, Toronto, Sao Paulo.
Middle East, Asia, Australia: Hong Kong, India, China, Australia.

Many special shows and fairs give the opportunity for catwalk modeling.
Bridal fashion
Bridal shows take place in every bigger city in the USA.
Special and exotic show is The Bride Show Dubai.

Underwear and swimwear fashion
The most famous and most spectacular underwear show is of Victoria’s Secret (USA).
It’s models are the Top Models of the world (Victoria’s Angels): Adriana Lima, Karolina Kurkova,
Heidi Klum, Gisele Büdchen, Petra Nemcova, Miranda Kerr, Alessandra Ambrosio, etc.
Who is selected to join this team will surely become a Top Model.

Other emphasized events: Salon de Lingerie Paris, Lingerie Arabia Dubai, Intimate London,
Harrogate Lingerie, Miami Swimwear Show, Fashion Rio, Sao Paulo Beach Show.
Basic criterion for a catwalk model: 14+ age
Minimum 172 cm height, slim body, 34-36 dress size, excellent movement.


Model criterions: neat physic, charm, but height is not a necessary criterion.
Catwalk model is of course a fashion model, too so who can not get to the prestigious
fashion shows, can get many other model works: photo shooting, fashion advertisements,
fashion shows in showrooms, etc. Shooting works: photo is the only language which
is understood in every part of the world.
Fashion catalogue, Magazine editorial, print, lingerie, swimwear sport, fitness.

Catalogue Model Works

Companies make online and/or printed catalogues for presenting their actual collection, their brands.
The aim is to show these products genuinely (color, style, fabric quality, cutting, etc.)
Brand's value decides at which professional level the selected model should be.

While in these works moving is limited, creativity and great professional experience is not necessary.
Many model work is provided by fashion companies, especially those in mail-order businesses
(Argos Catalogue, La Redoute Catalogue, Littlewoods Catalogue, Quelle, Neckermann, Bonprix, etc.)
Internet commercial has expanded the need for catalogue models. Today most of the biggest shops
(Harrods (London), Macys (USA), House of Fraser (London), Harvey Nichols (London),
Saks Fifth Avenue (New York) have online shop, too.
Catalogue shooting means work during the whole year.
Magazine Editorial

Fashion and lifestyle model. Magazines usually have a special fashion heading, which
is made by the magazine. The participants in this work (model, stylist, make-up artist, photographer),
the place of shooting, dresses and accessories are all selected by the magazine.

This work provides more opportunity for creativity and freedom for the model than in catalogue shooting.
To get a job in a leading international magazine’s editorial heading (Vogue, ELLE, Look Magazine, InStyle)
is a great opportunity and valuable reference.
Magazine editorial is advertising of course, but more sophisticated.
In small characters all the brands and prices are indicated.

Showroom Model

In short we could describe like this: fashion model in the showroom.
Many manufacturer reserve showroom in different places of the world. Jobs in a showroom doesn't require
higher technical knowledge or professional experience. Model’s personality and individuality are the main
criterions, so this is why many young and beginner model start their carrier in this field.

Swimwear Model
Perfect skin, fit body, femininity, and the rest of the criterions depend on the brand’s image.
Swimwear manufacturers have only one collection a year. Determining actors in this field are
the Columbian, Italian, Brazilian and USA swimwear brands (OndadeMar, Agua Bendita, Maaji
Vitamin A, Agua Doce, L-Space, Vix Swimwear, Christies, Cia. Maritima, Sauvage, etc.
Catwalk jobs are also and opportunity in swimwear modeling (showroom, fashion week
swimwear expo, etc.)
A great reference in a model carrier is CNN Sportsillustrated Swimsuit Magazine’s swimwear shooting.
Lingerie Model
Lingerie is the symbol of femininity – it is always a great challenge to perform lingerie or perform
in a lingerie catalogue. Height is not necessary.

Underwear manufacturers work with luxury fabrics and unbelievable colors and styles.
European manufacturers have usually one catalogue per year (basic and fashion collection).
American manufacturer have in the contrary more collections, and more catalogues per year.
Leading actors in underwear world are Italian, French, Polish and USA brands, like Ravage, Victoria's Secret, Christies, Wolford, La Perla, Cosabella, Calvin Klein, Shirley of Hollywood, Oscar de la Renta, etc.

There is the possibility for a fashion show for underwear models, too (showroom, fashion week, underwear fair).
Victoria's Secret is famous not only for it’s underwear, but it’s spectacular catwalk shows. The models are top models, like Adriana Lima, Heidi Klum, Karolina Kurkova, or Petra Nemcova. But there is always the chance for new faces to get in. And who gets in this elite team that gets automatically the Top Model and Victoria’s Angel title.
Cover Model

Magazine's cover model. Today only top models can be the cover model of international magazines.
Cover models are usually well known actresses, celebrities. Magazine has to be sold, and
TV stars or a word famous singer is much more interesting for readers.
This has to be accepted, this is business.